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We’re on a mission to help businesses and their team members grow. By combining marketing and sales solutions with increased team performance, you can generate more engaged employees and create happier customers.

Content Marketing (Inbound Marketing)

Today’s buyers may not want calls from sales reps. Instead, buyers turn to the internet, looking for content and research to educate them. The aim of content marketing is to understand the customer. We ask questions to understand where these customers are in their buying journey and provide content that creates:

  • High-value educational interactions
  • An engaging experience
  • Customers and brand advocates
content marketing
marketing automation

Marketing Automation

The customer journey has become more complex. Pulling a prospect toward a desired outcome by matching the right content, at the right time, using the right channel, is nearly impossible to manage without a marketing automation platform in place.

  • Optimize the time and maximize the effectiveness of activities within your team
  • Automate communication with your customer through automated workflows
  • Accompany your prospects through every stage of their journey

Sales Enablement and CRM

Your sales team wants to spend their time selling.  Remove the burden of time consuming spreadsheets, email, and outdated technology. Sales Enablement improves efficiency and increases close rates of your sales prospects. Provide your team with valuable content at their fingertips, forward-thinking processes with a focus on action and intuitive tools to align them with today's buyer preferences and behavior.

sales enablement CRM
digital marketing

Digital Marketing Analytics

Measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing is one of the greatest challenges facing organizations today. True digital analytics extends beyond basic metrics such as bounce rate and unique visitors. Analytics provides marketers with much richer data in order to understand the impact of their marketing campaigns on conversion rates and a buyer's journey. A comprehensive digital marketing analytics strategy allows marketers to identify how each of their marketing initiatives (e.g., social media vs. blogging vs. email marketing, etc.) compare, determining the true ROI of their activities.

Leadership Development & Coaching

While innovative strategies and cutting-edge tools can make a huge difference in a company’s competitive advantage, nothing has a bigger impact than the engagement of both individual contributors and leaders within that organization.  As an Authorized Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Teampartner, truDemand’s newest company, Socratyc, focuses on training, individual coaching, facilitation and certification engagements nationally.

leadership development
staff augmentation

Staff Augmentation

After we create a cohesive sales and marketing strategy, clients often want to also call on truDemand to execute the work in-house, requiring additional talent to do so. Our staff augmentation team has expert knowledge in the marketing, sales, and technology industries to help you find highly skilled professional required to support your initiative. Our staff augmentation solutions allow you to easily meet your changing demand and without the added cost and commitment of additional full time employees.

Chatbots and Chat Apps

Chatbots are what cutting edge teams are using to automate their marketing. A Chatbot can qualify your site visitors, identify which sales res they should speak with and then schedule a meeting. No form required. The Chatbot does all the work. Now you can automate simple tasks and have personalized conversation...at scale. With a Chatbot, your sales team is working any time day or night.


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