Email marketing segmentation

Use Segmentation to Personalize Email Marketing Content

Segmentation is as exactly like it sounds. It's when you break up your list (audience) into smaller segments. Typically, when you segment a list, you break your group into segments by some criteria. That criteria might be a combination of the following:

  1. Channel based (e.g. media and/or device type)
  2. Persona based (attributes and/or behavior)
  3. Buyer Journey stage

What criterium you select depends on your strategy and what data you have available on your prospects or customers. There are many ways to get creative when creating a segment. A more advanced segmenting technique is the use a a suppression segment. This is where you create an additional segment which is used to exclude people from an email campaign.

The concept behind segmentation is provide more relevant content to the recipients of your email marketing messages. To provide more relevant content, not only will you have to create the necessary content, but also create the segments to which that content is tailored to.

For example, if a lead visited a specific product page on your site, they might be evaluating that product and nearing a decision. You can use that behavior to trigger an automated nurturing sequence with email content written only about that product.

The goal of segmentation is to build smaller lists of your prospects based on data points you know about them. Then continue to follow up with a nurture sequence that is crafted of content that is hyper-relevant to that small list of prospects.

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